The following experiment is based on work that Rabbi Glazerson and Professor Rips did a couple of years ago.

Gimatria - Code - Hint of G-D in Bible code Glazerso

He found a table and showed it to Professor Rips. The parallel and close orientation of these ELS is unusual. This table was found by interactive search by Rabbi Glazerson and Professor Rips. The cylinder size is Rabbi Glazerson, who has published over three dozen books, which have been translated into multiple languages, is the singular modern lecturer and author who consistently uses the gematria of Hebrew words to teach principles of Jewish spirituality and to relate current events to Jewish thought.

This table is shown below. The Zohar states that in the time before the Messiah will come, gematria will rise. The complete set of words is given in the table below. Presented below is the set of smallest p-value tables, those are the most statistically significant ones in ascending order of p-value. Tables having keywords that are subsets of keywords in tables with the same cylinder size and smaller p-values are not shown.

The largest p-value that we show is less than When we set the largest ELS skip to be the maximal possible for each key word, the following table results. The table has a more compact area, but since the maximum skip of each ELS was set to be the maximum possible, the table is not statistically significant. This illustrates why an interactive approach which allows ELSs of any skip has the potential to produce compact looking tables which are not statistically significant.

Home torahcode. Experiments The following experiment is based on work that Rabbi Glazerson and Professor Rips did a couple of years ago. Table using the axis protocol with the axis word being gematria. The maximum skip for the axis key word is set so that its expected number of ELSs is The maximum skip for each non-axis key word is set so that its expected number of ELSs is The cylinder size determined by the program is The probability that a table with these key words would be produced from a ELS random placement monkey text population that is compact as this table is 1.

The probability that a table with these key words would be produced from a ELS random placement monkey text population that is compact as this table is 3. The probability that a table with these key words would be produced from a ELS random placement monkey text population that is compact as this table is Table using the axis protocol with the axis word being Light of Torah.

The maximum skip for each ELS is set to be the maximum possible. The probability that a table with these key words would be produced from a ELS random placement monkey text population that is compact as this table is. The table is not statistically significant.Just about everybody out there on the Web, who follows the subjects of Christian evidences, apologetics, Bible prophecy, etc.

The Internet is loaded with hundreds of sites and newsgroups that discuss this. There is positively no relationship between theomatics and ELS. They are as different as night and day. There is not even the slightest similarity. Unlike theomatics, ELS is not gematria. It does not utilize the numerical values for the letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets, nor does ELS work with the numerical values of words. The other major and significant difference, is the fact is that theomatics is much more provable scientifically.

While many scholars and mathematical experts are struggling with the validity of ELS and the "Bible codes," theomatics will provide a mathematically open and shut case.

Later on this page we will explain the reason why theomatics is more provable. In a Rabbi named Weissmandel observed an unusual phenomenon in the original Hebrew text of the book of Genesis. Upon close examination he found patterns of coded words and phrases buried "beneath" the surface of the book. Because he was unable to pursue this discovery due to lack of computer technology, the study died with him.

The technique is relatively straightforward. The Hebrew text is stripped of all of its spaces and entered into the computer as one long string of characters. For example, the entire Book of Genesis becomes a continuous string of 78, characters or letters. If a hidden word in Hebrew such as "Torah" is being looked for in a particular verse, once the first Hebrew letter for Torah is found, the computer searches forward through the text to locate the second letter.

When the second letter is located, the distance in letters is noted. Let's say the distance between the first and second letters is fifty. The computer then continues through the text at forty-nine letter intervals, and only that interval, and records the letters at those positions to see if they form coherent words or phrases. Of course you have to first know what word you are looking for and ask the computer to look for its first letter to initiate the search.

As the researchers continued their investigation, they began discovering all sorts of words embedded in the text. For example, the researchers took The Encyclopedia of Great Men of Israel and searched for pairs of meaningful entries in proximity to each other. The entries that they searched for were the names of individuals along with their dates of birth or death as listed in the encyclopedia.

The dates were specified by the Hebrew day and month. A list was drawn up of all thirty-four men mentioned in the encyclopedia whose date of birth or death was given and whose lives were significant enough. Later, a second list was prepared; it consisted of thirty-two additional men. The entire process was repeated many times, and the researchers found many matches. The findings were submitted to Statistical Science magazine.

This is a peer-reviewed journal that requires that every proposed article be scanned by a number of experts in the field before it is accepted for publication. Because of the incredible nature of the discoveries, the review process took six years to complete.

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Robert Kass, the editor of Statistical Science, wrote:. Our referees were baffled: their prior beliefs made them think the Book of Genesis could not possibly contain meaningful references to modern-day individuals, yet when the authors carried out additional analyses and checks the effect persisted.

The paper is thus offered to Statistical Science readers as a challenging puzzle. Harold Gans, a former cryptologist or code breaker at the U. Defense Department and Pentagon, replicated the work of the Jerusalem team.

He was able to corroborate their results. He further expanded the original study by finding the names of important Jewish individuals and their cities of birth and death. His "p" value was even more significant. Michael Drosnin and The Bible Code.This site presents the essence of Torah Codes, summarizing the research from the pioneers of the field from through mid-Aug Update Oct 31 : New decade, new video and new website!

A new video proving the phenomenon is here. Update Oct 31 : Would you like me to find your name in the codes? Please see these updated instructions.

See also this page for the latest developments. Update Oct 27 : Announcing a landmark book on the codes, a beautiful step forward in spreading Torah code awareness, written in simple language by a friend, a gentleman and a scholar, Rabbi Ephraim Roitman. Includes profound discoveries and blossoming lines of research: Available here. Torah Codes are equally spaced letters forming meaningful words and phrases in the original Hebrew Bible, the Torah. The topic was discussed in the Middle Ages by leading Kabbalists.

Its study was formalized in the late 's by Professor Eliyahu Rips. Sinceit has been my great privilege to learn from him and other leading scientists in the field biographies here. This site presents the essence of our ongoing investigation. Several of our peer-reviewed papers are presented here. Our work has also received approbations and encouragement from some of the leading Rabbis of our generation.

With the right mix of curiosity and perseverance anyone can reap the reward of a rare and abiding kind of new knowledge - a knowledge introduced thousands of years ago and unlocked only now.

Quick start: see the summary page. Details: see this page for how the code worksfollowed by the newest evidence presented here. We avoid abuses that result from incorrect methods which unfortunately make their way into some of the more popular codes books and forums.

These abuses result in apocalyptic predictions or backing of particular religious doctrines, and they stem from a serious lack of rigor, defined here. They involve statistically meaningless "codes" that can be found in any text. We focus on simple patterns of encoded words, such as the Names of Hashem G-dwith significance not remotely approached by one million searches of comparison texts.

The results remain unexplained, despite attempts to discredit the work. These attempts are by and large arguments about work done in the late s and have all been addressed by the steady stream of results since then. First, for centuries, Rabbis and sages have written about the primordial light from Genesisfrom the Garden of Eden. They indicate that the light was hidden away, but is destined to return.

Perhaps we are seeing a few of its rays reflected in this code:. Second, the codes are not limited to ancient events, as we see in the following and in many other exampes:. The codes exhibit statistically very rare patterns not seen in ordinary texts. Does this begin to affirm the words of the great sage, the Vilna Gaon, of years ago, who stated that everything that ever was, is or will be is contained in the Torah? Links to newer articles current as of Aug 25, see this page for the latest.

The Light of Torah Codes. Open Secrets. Newest evidence.

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Papers from Strangely, Apple released a new lower-priced iPhone model, the SE second generation. Amazon just posted an announcement that starting on April 21 commissions will be reduced It's no secret that video is the best content to engage with your audience, regardless of what platform you're using. And YouTube is making Video Builder video creation available to Hey there! My name's Toni; I'm 22 years old, currently working as a T1 helpdesk Shift Lead at a prominent cybersecurity company.

I make around usd per month and am As you may know Amazons Affiliate program just nosedived. Tried CJ tonight but getting auto denied by everyone so seems impossible to find Advertise with Us. Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the text Hebrew language scribes had to write the letters in a continuous line without seperations.

Was this to find information in there at a later date?

torah code calculator

Could it be the book of life? Type in your name to see if it appears in equal sequence! MissTerraK 8 years ago. Mine showed up in a first and second search. Only one match.

Not sure what it is supposed to mean, though. Originally Posted by MissTerraK. Hmmm, Wouldn't that just come down to a mathematics probability? Janice Sperry 2 days ago in Internet Marketing. WF- Enzo 5 hours ago in Learn.Those who are under the impression that the existence of letter skip codes in the ancient Hebrew Bible is just a modern theory spawned in the computer age may be surprised to learn that historical context for encrypted information particularly in the Book of Genesis can be documented to at least the 13 th century AD, and to of all places, Spain.

In fact it is among the 13 th century Spanish Monarchy and Sephardic Jewish Torah scholars where we detect the convergence of so many clues and threads of inquiry related to discoveries presented in The Chamberlain Keythat we must ask the questions:. The first documented reference to equal distant letter skip codes in the Torah is by Rabbi Bachya ben Asher He is considered by Jewish scholars to be one of the most distinguished Torah scholars in Spain.

It is encoded into the text in such a way that between each of its four letters lie 42 intervening letters. The wise will understand that this is not by chance, but a clear sign involving the very birth of the world. He says this code reveals a secret related to the birth of the moon the new moon whose universal symbol is of course the crescent moon.

We are familiar with this symbol displayed beneath the feet of the Rocio Madonna as well as all other depictions of The Woman of the Apocalypse in paintings and sculpture. The crescent new moon is also one of the 16 hidden symbols discovered on the gold sunbursts surrounding the Rocio Madonna. I discovered this same symbol featured extensively in the private Royal chapel of the Spanish monarchy in Seville.

The gold and silver central alter, the very heart and center of the 15 th century Cathedral, represents a mysterious tradition regarding the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the blood line of the Spanish monarchy. Alfonso personally supervised these translations and no doubt learned a great deal regarding the true structure of the Hebrew texts from Sephardic Torah scholars as well as Jewish Christian translators.

In his will, Alfonso instructed that upon his death his heart was to be buried on Mount Calvary in Jerusalem, where he attests his ancestors were buried. So what exactly is the connection between the encoded information in the ancient Hebrew Bible, the Hebrew bloodline of the Spanish monarchy, and the tradition and veneration of the Rocio Madonna? The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus is certainly the best known of these emigres and Admiral Barbiero concludes that it was Josephus who brokered the protection arrangement for these Jewish nobles and their extended families.

In order to protect themselves in the ever shifting political winds of the Roman Empire these families sought to integrate themselves into Roman society by assuming Latin names and outward appearances while at the same time preserving their own cultural heritage in secret. These families were, and always had been, very cosmopolitan. Being extremely skilled scribes, translators, merchants, military leaders, and craftsman, it was not difficult for them to find opportunities and prosper.

But more to the point, whatever was saved from the Temple archives…Scriptural manuscripts, genealogies, deeds, wills…must have been in the possession of the Priestly and noble class.

These documents were essential in re-constituting the hierarchy of Jewish society which had always been centered on the Temple and the ritual activities associated with it.

Is your name in the Torah?

It is safe to speculate that they would not have carelessly disposed of their precious records, nor their sacred heritage. They devised a plan to preserve both. This is no surprise. These were people on the run, fleeing into the proverbial wilderness and at odds with both the Roman and Jewish authorities.

We must also consider the Jews who converted to Christianity after re-settling in the Western Roman Empire. To all of these people, Scriptural and genealogical records were vitally important in maintaining a connection with their faith and heritage. These were their treasures, and we are anxious to discover what they did with them. When hunting for lost or hidden historical treasures, the proof of theory can only rest in locating the treasures; all else is intuitive speculation.

To be successful, speculation must be founded on the best objective research. The discovery of pre-cognitive encryptions in the oldest Hebrew Biblical texts, which have led to specific locations in Europe where information and artifacts were intentionally hidden and strategically placed as time-capsules, introduces an intriguing possibility.

The possibility of hiding things in plain sight in the same way that information was hidden in plain sight within the text of the Hebrew Bible. Born in Spain in AD, Maimonides moved to North Africa early in life where he was also a renown astronomer and skilled physician.

He died in Egypt in and was buried in Tiberius. Why would this eminent Hebrew scholar affirm such a concept without good reason? Why did Maimonides believe the Torah was dictated to Moses by God with such scribal precision? In the modern age we are familiar with the creative precision with which all life was designed.Bible Codes Software. The Keys To The Bible. The most complete, advanced, and easy to use computer program designed to explore the surface of the Bible, and research its depths!

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Gematria Software Tanakh Plus. Each letter of the alphabet has its own numerical value. The numerical value of a word or phrase is the sum of the numerical value of all its letters. Numerical values for letters, words, phrases or verses can be calculated by Tanakhs Plusaccording to any of the following seven Gematria methods.

the torah code value in Gematria Calculator

The program allows you to find all the different words that have the same specified gematria value or to count how many times a specified gematria value is found in the Bible.

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The gematria equivalence relation can give deeper insight into the spiritual connection between the words whose gematria is the same. The use of gematria can expand our awareness of the relatedness of different ideas or concepts as they are spelled out in Hebrew. Gematria can help us understand meanings which are hidden. However, gematria equivalence between words suggesting an association which is not in accordance with Jewish tradition or which is not in accordance with Torah are not considered to be valid.

Gematriot is the plural of Gematria. Why is the subject called Gematriot? Because there are multiple techniques of gematria. We list here a few of the most common ones. The book by Earl David makes a comprehensive use of some of the techniques of gematria in interpreting the different sections of the Torah. It relates the diameter of a circle to its circumference. It is interesting, therefore, that the sum of the inverse gematria values of the 27 Hebrew letters totals 3.

To represent thousands, the letters used to represent the ones are used. If we sum the inverse gematria values of the 27 letters and then include then next two letters as thousands the resulting sum is more than 3. The relationship between words or phrases that have the same gematria is one of the ways of expounding Torah.

The source for this is found in the verse Deuteronomy It is not an empty thing from you, for this is your life. The scepter shall not depart from Judah nor a scholar from between his feet among his descendants until Shilo shall arrive and his will shall be an assemblage of nations. Both Rashi and Onkelos interpret the phrase until Shilo shall arrive as meaning until the Messiah comes to whom the kingodm belongs.

The Sages have taught that this verse is a primary Torah source for the belief that the Messiah will come.

torah code calculator

What does this gematria equivalence mean? The Sages tell us that there is no superfluous word in Torah. Every word and every letter has meaning. From your mouth should come no empty words of Torah.

Every letter has meaning. Go study it. Words which have the same gematria will give you hints about the fullness of Torah. Together the gematria of the two words totals 26, the gematria of the tetragrammaton. This gematria equivalence reinforces that two of the principal attributes of God are that He is one and He is loving. And Jacob departed from Beersheva and went toward Haran. He had lived with his family for about 63 years and having to leave was hard for him. Jacob was torn apart having to leave his family.

There is a very deep truth that the world shows the face of God, in the sense of the Glory of God. But to have a sense of this we must look deeper than with our eyes. Many of the letters have two spellings and a few have three different spellings. The milui full form of a word is obtained by writing out the spellings of the letters in that word. By this correspondence, Moshe is the truth. Some of the names of the letters can be spelled several different ways.